Scribblin more aliens yeeaaah.

First one is no one in particular, an example of full body paint for some yearly death related festival/ritual idk.

Second one is WARMASTER GOREBEKK. The title is traditional, there hasn’t been a war in generations. He leads a group of ‘warriors’ (can’t think of an appropriate word) that protect the village when it’s needed, which isn’t often, and they take care of the monthly hunt.

Elni is a member of this group, which is why she has a helmet thingy. Gorebekk’s is much more impressive, with beads and stuff woven into the headdress to seem more impressive and to harken back to when warmasters would tie in various things to make as much noise as possible to intimidate the enemy.

Gorebekk has 5 little girls who like weaving flowers in there too, and he lets them because he’s a massive softy when it comes to his precious daughters. (◡‿◡✿)

I didn’t notice until I’d finished colouring him but HE LOOKS LIKE A STRAWBERRY so in theory HIS BABBIES WOULD LOOK LIKE STRAWBERRIES TOO OMFG HDSDFHGJ

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